GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S
GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S
GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S
GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S
GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S
GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S
GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S

GlowDry™ Starter Kit W/S

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NEW 30g size pot with NEW mess-free sifter  

  • This loose drying powder, formulated with finely milled ingredients sets your tan perfectly, mattifying your fake tan without leaving your skin looking dry.
  • Created with Organic Clay and Organic Starch, these super absorbing ingredients, keeps your skin dry and smooth for hours while you marinate in your fake tan, without feeling heavy on the skin.
  • GlowDry also locks your tan in place no more stained sheets and our beachy fresh scent masks any of those  musty fake tan odours
  • Your 4-in 1 post post fake tan treatment you will fall in love with!
  • Simply brush and blend GlowDry over your fake tan, it's as easy as that!
  • With a 'TanLucent' all over glow formula, there are no white marks or negative effects on your tan developing. 


Apply your favourite fake tan - this can self tanner or spray tan. 

Allow your tan to soak into the skin for approximately 2-4 minutes.

Simply brush on GlowDry powder immediately after.

GlowDry can be a full body application or can just be spot applied in the typically sticky areas, such as under boobs and bum, behind the knees, along the neck.


Whats inside?

Each Starter Kit comes complete with 1 pot of GlowDry Illuminising Powder and 1 GlowDry Body Brush.

GlowDry™ Illuminising Drying Powder Pot

30g of our luxurious GlowDry fake tan drying powder. Made with four all natural ingredients, our Illuminising drying powder is specially formulated with key absorbing ingredients to dry and remove stickiness. 

GlowDry™ Body Brush

Lovingly custom made with dense luxuriously soft bristles ensures a quick, smooth and even application of GlowDry™️. 

✔️ Made with synthetic hairs

✔️ Vegan Friendly 

✔️ Cruelty free 


GlowDry Australia Fake Tan Drying Powder | Perth WA