Q: How long will my tan last?

A: Our tans are created using the finest quality ingredients and should last from 5 to 10 days depending on skin type and condition. Before your tan ensure you exfoliate to remove dry, dead skin cells and moisturize morning and night after your spray tan has fully developed.

Q: How do I tan my hands and feet?

A: Apply a light layer of moisturizer to your hands and feet prior to applying your tan to avoid too much product clinging to these extra dry areas. When applying your tanning product only blend the excess product onto your hands and feet for a more natural finish.

Q: Can I swim in pools?

A: Swimming in chlorinated pools may cause your tan to wear quickly, when leaving the pool or ocean after a swim dry yourself down by patting your body not rubbing it dry with the towel, this will help maintain your spray tan.

Q: Why don't I have any colour after my rapid tan?

A: A rapid tan for (1 or 2 hours) means you can rinse off your bronzer early and go about your normal routine. Once your development time has expired take a quick 30 second rinse in the shower. Do not use any soaps, scrubs or product at this time as your tan is still developing underneath. If you do use product it can negatively impact on the end result. Depending on the tanning solution you have chosen colour will start to appear in as two hours and be fully developed between 8 – to 12 hours.

Q: Will my tan come off patchy?

A: Our tanning products are made from the highest quality ingredients meaning in most cases, no they won’t. However, if you swim frequently or have a typically dry skin type, we recommend using one of our Hydration base tans, as well as the complementing gradual tan on a day to day basis which will not only top up your colour, but hydrate your skin also.

Q: Are there any harmful ingredients in the products? 

A: Dermatologists will enthusiastically agree that Tanning with DHA formulation is much safer than tanning for prolonged hours in the sun. Skin allergies are not common however we do recommend that you conduct a patch test before your first spray tan.

Q: Can I fake tan whilst pregnant?

A: Although there are no known dangers of using tanning products, they can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, particularly during pregnancy when hormone levels are high and skin becomes more sensitive. As with all tanning treatments, it is recommended that a patch test is undertaken at least 24 hours before a tanning treatment for pregnant women. For anyone with a pre-existing condition or existing health concern, we do advise our pregnant clients to consult their Doctors prior to starting a tanning regime.

Q: I’m currently undergoing IPL/laser hair removal when is it safe to get a spray tan?

A: It is ok to tan 24 hours AFTER but NOT BEFORE as the IPL will tattoo the colour of the tan into your skin. All tan should be removed before your next laser treatment.